Val Rendel

Ph.D., recovering English professor, freelance writer

Greetings! I love writing, literature, and language, so much that I spent 18 years as a college professor and administrator. What I didn’t love was the limitations of higher education, or the way I could only reach the students who were sitting in my classroom. So I leaped from the ivory tower to embrace my alter-ego as the Writing Doctor. Now I use my superpowers to share my passion with students all over the world and offer copywriting services for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Believe me, I have read enough terrible student essays, faculty reports, business letters and strategic plans to last me a lifetime. And I’ve learned a lot from them - knowing what not to do is as important as knowing the right steps to take. I’ve also seen people make amazing improvement in writing with genuine hard work and diligence, Many people fear and/or loathe writing because they think they can’t do it well, that good writers are “born,” not “made.” The truth is: writing IS a superpower, but even superheroes need to train to stay in shape.

I can help build your own writing muscles, whether you’re a 90-pound weakling or an experienced pro who simply wants to keep in shape. There’s no shortcut, sorry – no gamma rays or radioactive spiders – but I can give you valuable tools to keep in your own writing utility belt. Once you see how good writing can benefit your business, your grades, your career and even your personal life, you’ll be able to write prose that soars above the crowd, proofread like a mad genius, and be able to leap over writer’s block in a single bound.

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