Valeria Teles

Fit for Joy Coach and Writing Instructor

I am an inspirational writer, published author, speaker, fitness coach, and founder of Fit for Joy. Besides writing meaningful books, I also write for these highly regarded magazines:

Huffington Post

Elephant Journal

Body Mind Spirit Online

Mind Elate

Heartfulness Magazine

My work outlines practical and creative ideas inspired by love in the quest for wellbeing.

As a fitness coach, I suggest implementing philosophical inquiry and discussion at fitness centers.

As an author and writing instructor, I explore meaningful truths and insights through storytelling, in particular, stories based on true events, memoirs.

In Fit for Joy, I wrote about the paradox of two realities that don’t match: physical health and mental chaos. The idea was to start a conversation about the “true” meaning of health.

As a speaker, I promote the idea that love and health are inseparable, and can be measured by the way we think, act, and relate to others.

Much love!


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