Uday Saroj

Udemy Instructor

Hey there, a polymath, philomath, automath here. As such, I have a passion for learning and am always looking for ways to help people with my learning. My interests and expertise span across topics of personal development, like health, success and happiness in general, and motivation, willpower, habits, creativity, brain health and development, career development etc. in particular. Besides, since I'm always learning, there's always more to come.

More importantly, I'm always asking myself the question, "What's missing?". And I'm seeking opportunities to fill the gaps, and create what ought to be there or what I couldn't find for myself, in the process. And I have the same goal, here at Udemy.

Update: I have my life's greatest missions toward the animals (veganism, anti-speciesism), children (education), and my own financial freedom on board.

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