Engineering Education Hub by Prateek Porwal

Math and Electrical Engineering Educator at Udemy

 Prateek Porwal is an Alumnus of one of the most prestigious colleges of India -The Indian Institute of Technologies (IIT). The IITs are known throughout the world for their high quality education and academic discipline. After working as an Electrical engineer in a Multi-National Company for around 3 years, he decided to quit his highly paid job to pursue his passion towards teaching and never turned back. It has been his wonderful experience teaching students from around the world through online tutoring platforms. 

He likes to teach students and make their life happy and give a good shape to their career. He has taught thousands of students so far in the subjects of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Maths and Physics  and is continuing to do so without any tiredness. His dedication and teaching expertise has made him one of the most sought after tutor on the platforms he teach.

We are sure his courses will turn out to be a boon for you and help you in making a good career. 

Wishing you all the best:)

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