Troy Austria

Artist, Entertainer, Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor

Troy is an Artist.

He is a Dancer, Choreographer, and Instructor of some different Street Dance Styles. His main repertoire of movement vocabulary includes Hip Hop, House, Funk (Popping | Locking), and Krump.

Having been introduced to Street Dance Culture in Southern California in 2002, he has continually elevated his movement vocabulary year after year.

Today he learns and trains with some of the best in the world, being located in Los Angeles County, and has been involved with the Dance Community for about 13+ years.

Credits include Mavyn Entertainment, Boxcuttuhz Gang, Academy of Swag, and more recently, Visionaries Tribe.

He has taught in different studios throughout California, and has traveled to teach in places such as Switzerland, Belgium, London, France, Spain, and Japan.

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