Tracy A. Hanes

The Authority Mentor

Call to action is an inner journey to become something great using the gifts you’ve been given, and Tracy Allen Hanes realizes each person has the potential to “awaken” their gifts for service to others. He understands you have an inherent set of capabilities that can shine to the world if nurtured the right way. With a passion for growth, he assists helping entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, speakers and coaches position themselves as a knowledge epicenter and authority in their respective fields. His colleagues titled him with the name “Mr. Incredible” as he and his team developed over 300+ best-selling authors.

Tracy’s productivity demonstrates his zeal and purpose. Currently the President of T. Allen Hanes & Associates, he’s been featured on CBS, CNN, NBC, FOX and ABC and became a 4-time #1 International Best-Selling Author. Among other media affiliates, he’s been featured on Forbes, The Miami Herald and Small Business Trend Setters, USA Today.

A retired United States Navy Photographer and Video Producer, Tracy has the skills to help you build a professional media profile including podcasts, interviews and testimonials. Every element of your presence must be accounted for and sharpened, a quintessential professional leader.

He created The Authority Syndicate and Immediate Celebrity Status as a success hub; you enter the syndicate and receive the highest level of coaching and mentoring so you can efficiently reach the best-selling author status. Tracy understands your public persona, opportunities and positioning elevate when you become established as an authority. You command respect, leadership and take on a role that can produce changes in your industry. The network is vast and Tracy exposes you to the strategies necessary to maintain and increase your position. It’s the little things that count and he will guide you every step of the way.

Clients will quickly experience his coaching style as energetic, fiery and uplifting. He challenges you to look inward for the source of your success. Rigorous sessions make for a ripe self-evaluation that transforms into an action plan you can put to work today.

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