Mr Tom Jean

Youngest and Fastest Magician

After years of performing, Tom still has 100% client satisfaction and rave reviews from many c-level executives and VPs. Sleight of Mind specializes in corporate entertainment and high class parties. If you want professional, world class entertainment, then look no further!

Don't settle for a jack-of-all trades, birthday party magician, when you need sophisticated entertainment for your event.

I have worked as an illusionist for over 10 years and has performed around the world. I am a expert in the art of deception. While a traditional magician uses sleight of hand, My particular brand of illusion is called Sleight of Mind because it utilizes body language, misdirection, hypnosis, and little known psychological principles. While I does not claim to be a psychic, you will think I can read your mind. I creates an interactive, personal experience that is both entertaining and astonishing.

I will perform and explain to you all the tricks secret

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