Toby Hazlewood

Founder, Divorced Lifestyle Design - Author, Trainer, Mentor

Toby Hazlewood is an author, father, husband, music fan and cycling enthusiast living in the North West of England. 

As founder of Divorced Lifestyle Design, Toby is passionate about inspiring those who are working through divorce or separation to choose to thrive rather than merely surviving life after divorce. His belief is that after divorce, people tend to set their expectations of life at an extremely low level rather than believing that it can be used as a launchpad for great achievements, happiness and fulfilment in life. This viewpoint is driven from his own experiences following the failure of his first marriage in 2005. Toby is motivated to share the lessons learned in his own life to motivate others to maximise their expectations and achievements in their career, relationships, parenting and many other aspects of life where we can either set out to achieve the best rather than merely 'getting by'.

Toby's books, training courses and coaching services are intended to increase aspiration and to provide practical information and instruction that helps others achieve results and real improvements in their lives.

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