Timo Hofstee

Software specialist and self-published author

Timo is a writer, blogger and IT expert. He writes about complex things, like keyword research, online marketing and Kindle Publishing. But in a language that is understandable for everybody.

He uses 30+ years experience in computers, networking, hardware, software, development, internet, marketing, sales and online business to teach others how to grasp complex issues. His international experience, working abroad in several European countries, US and Africa has given him a broad view on different cultures and civilizations. He has followed the development of the internet right from the start. In the 80's just with email and private networks, and from the early 90's onwards he was one of the first ones to work with the first websites. Learn from the author how to master complex software packages.

His books and courses are extremely results-oriented : You are looking for a solution to a specific problem ? When you read a book or take a course from the author, you will find the answer. In straight-to-the-point explanations without the fluff. When Timo is not writing or blogging he spends his time on the magnificent beaches between St Tropez and Monaco, relaxing in a pub in Cannes, playing chess or traveling to his home country : The Netherlands.

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