I am a U.S. certified secondary teacher (Biology/Chemistry: 2000-2016, Michigan) as well as a professor at a Michigan college for 7 years.

I pioneered the "flipped" instructional model in my current teaching positions. I deliver online instruction followed by application in the classroom. I am proud to help lead the paradigm shift in education, as to what is viable and practical in today's high-tech, ultra-connected world.

Some of the scientific research I have been involved with include:

Plant allelochemics -a plant's set of self-defense mechanisms that allows it to kill off competitors. (Plants have multiple ways to battle others who are competing for their resources)

Mark-and-recapture research on a type of desert reptile, Michigan's “six-lined racerunner" whose out-of-place habitat exists in Michigan's thumb along a short stretch of roadside for only about 1500 meters. Efforts continue to establish the species ability to survive Michigan's harsh winter climate.

Radio-tracked and tagged rattlesnakes in Oakland County, Michigan as well as black bear tracking in northern Michigan.

Limnological research in Huron Township, Michigan, flora and fauna of native wetland habitats.

Bacterial hybridization projects with GFP, a green fluorescent protein that allows genetically modified species to glow in the dark.

Worked with Michigan DNR “stream-shocking" to assess the health of native fish stocks in the AuSable River system.  

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