Thas R. Eagans

Web Designer & Developer

A highly dedicated, skilled, and professional, Thas Rashad Eagans is a web designer and developer from Dallas, Texas. 

Thas got started in web design back in 1998, when websites were basically just static pages. Due to deployments and training exercises, it became hard to stay abreast with the every changing industry. After a few deployments and a bit of stability, Thas was finally able to get back into web design in 2011. Unfortunately there was a huge gap from where he had left off, so he decided to go back and start from scratch.

It was probably the best decision he had made at the time. Today, he runs and manages his own website, he's designed and created over 25 solo projects for clients, collaborated on over 10, and has won several crowd sourcing website design contests using Photoshop, and now online instructor.

After answering many newcomer's questions on a daily basis, he decided he wanted to help others interested in this profession by teaching them what it took years for him to learn. He has experience with a few other languages, but knows you need to have a solid understanding of HTML & CSS before opening the doors to the many other languages.

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