Teodora Petkova

Content writer

I am a philologist fascinated by the metamorphoses of text on the Web. Intensely curious about the ways the semantic Web unfolds, I explore how writing and search change with time.

My educational background is in Classical Studies and Creative Writing. Long story short, I am (at times dangerously) inclined to dig deep into words and concepts and am very considerate and responsible in their usage.

I fervently believe we are symbolic and semantic creatures. We use signs and substitutes to help us jump easier between perspectives concepts and theories. One of our major vehicles to transfer meaning and insights through time and space is the text in its multiple variations.

A Short Bio

I made my first excursion into content writing in 2010. I knew I wanted to write and craft amazing content, but wasn't sure how exactly I was supposed to reconcile my idea of profound writing with the need for keyword stuffed content. I tried hard though and as a result I got into the habitus of writing for the web.

In 2011 I decided that the need to write could no longer be satiated with a part-time job and took the leap to leave behind all the structures I'd been part of for several years and become a freelance content writer.

I started with writing texts for websites, and yes, this was SEO bulk copy stuff. Several months later I also began contributing to several online magazines and an offline one.

In 2012 I completely moved to online publishing, helping companies with content creation, writing for their blogs.

2012 was also the year when I had the necessary space of time and the creative freedom to develop my own, very dear to my heart project, called Events in Bulgaria.

In 2013 I joined the team of Ognyan Mladenov, for whom I've been developing content as a freelancer since 2010. As an in-house content writer at SEOM I developed written content, translated, curated, and took care of the content and the content strategy of the corporate website.

In mid 2014 I joined the PYB Team for an year and meanwhile became a moderator of the Google Semantic Search community - both these help me expand my knowledge about Google +, semantic web and digital relationships, which are the basis of valuable content and effective, inspired writing.

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