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Hi, I'm Nick Humphries the founder of TrainEffective[dot]com. I'm a footballer from Australia but have spent the last 8 years playing with European talent in Hungary, Scotland, The Netherlands and most recently, Switzerland. 

At 16 years old I was average and playing for a local team. But when everybody was supposed to be playing in professional academies, I dreamt and decided that I wanted to become a pro.

Over the two years, I started doing a bunch of cool, crazy things like training 20 hours a week and setting seemingly impossible targets.

In that time I did all these different workouts that I found online, consuming different content and analysing videos to teach myself how to play faster and make better decisions on the field.

I got my first trial at A.F.C. Wimbledon. I flew over to England. The coach told me I wasn’t good enough. Bummer. Still, I kept going, and most importantly, I kept training EFFECTIVE-ly. 

12-months later -  I got offered eight college scholarships in the USA.

15-months later - I trained with the Australian U/17 national team (they were preparing for the U/17 FIFA World Cup a few months later)

2 years later - A pro team in Hungary offered me a contract to play professionally

I want my story to mean something to all of you reading this. I was not born with special abilities or talent. I was not given the best coaching. I was never the best athlete out there. I am not some sort of special human being from Mars.

You can achieve ANYTHING you want in life through hard work, never ever, ever, ever giving up and matching all of that with belief. 

And that's what I am providing with EFFECTIVE. An opportunity to achieve your dreams. 

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