Tam Katzin

Energy Intuitive/Sound Healer/Usui Reiki Master

Energy Healer and Intuitive Business Consultant, Tam Katzin, has been called an intentional healer and inspirational oracle.

She has been assisting people transform their physical, mental, emotional & spiritual lives into an authentic, whole-life balanced state … filled with health, renewal and passionate thriving for over 15 years. She believes everyone is a natural born healer and teaches her clients how to integrate healing tools into their everyday lives to empower their own soul growth… be it personal, business or family life.

A successful singer/songwriter from the early age of 17, Tam has been moving audiences with her voice and illumined presence ever since. Captivating fans from around the globe, Tam has been known for her multi dimensional magic and sultry vocal talents. She has received countless accolades and star quality music reviews, shared stages with well known celebrity vocal artists and musicians, and has received several music awards for her work as a singer/songwriter and performer.

While much of Tam's life looked wonderful on paper, inside she had been struggling with a mystery illness that began to affect her vocal ability and overall energy and strength. After months of medical testing revealed blood and immune disorders (without specific diagnosis or remedy), she decided to step away from the music industry as a full time profession. She leaned back into the skills she learned in college and took on work in the various industries helping others improve their lives and businesses while she searched for ways to heal herself.

Since Western allopathic medicine had no answers nor help for her, Tam's search led to studying various methods within the ancient healing arts, energy medicine, sound healing, nutrition and meditation. All of them were unique and wonderful in their own way and assisted in transforming her life completely.

The more she practiced her intuitive skills to heal herself, she found she was starting to pick up on what was happening with others around her. When she worked with a co-worker, or was in an office assisting a client with their business, she would begin to see and feel energies that were affecting them. She would sense the energy blocks that followed a pattern in their auric field that led to why they might be stuck in a failing business, relationship or financial issue. Tam could actually feel the energy and her senses became heightened to each individual she would encounter.

In the following year, Tam had healed her ailing body and began singing again ... along with finding excitement in assisting others. However, like many who tap into this invisible skill, she began to question her own ability to help people. So, as if on cue when her doubts came in to play ... she became ill again.

Feeling she wasn't strong enough to heal herself this time, she found comfort in a wonderful functional medicine doctor who was able to assist in a diagnosis and incorporate natural remedies to help Tam rebalance. It worked for a while, however after a couple years of treatment, she still was not completely healed.

Tam knew that unless she embraced who she was from every level, she may not have a chance to remedy her body, mind or spirit.

So, she reached back into the essence of everything she knew, released her fear and began practicing her healing work again.

One day in meditation, she received a simple, yet striking message. "A lack of belief in who she was, and all she was meant to be, was the reason for her reoccurring issues. Self love and pure intention would be the remedy."

From that day forward, she has embraced not only who she is, but has understood the importance of her role in helping others achieve the same understanding. She believes now, more than ever, that helping teach others how to do this work is critical and a natural part of who we are that needs to be revealed. Only when we turn our backs on ourselves, do challenges and illness exist.

Tam now lives a remarkable life filled with health and unconditional love... and she continues to sing around the country as her schedule allows. She strives to assist her clients find their own truth while she acts as a conduit to help them balance and heal the issues in their lives. She is a gifted healer, teacher and intuitive business consultant with clients from around the world.

Tam is a certified Usui Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Matrix Energetic Practitioner, Life Coach, Business Consultant and Book of Life Practitioner/Specialist.

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