Tadas Peckaitis

Professional player, coach and author at MyPokerCoaching.com

I am professional poker player since 2008. I learned and played almost Holdem poker all formats for the living. I started with SNG/MTT, live tournaments and cash games and then moved to online 6max cash and never looked back. 

With a help of many dedicated coaches over the years, I mastered my game and feel the need to share that knowledge with everyone now. 

I have already helped many students to improve there game and some of them was even able to quit day job and start playing poker full-time for a decent living. I am super happy with the success my students have.

I studied GTO vs exploitative play a lot and have a good understanding how to adapt to different conditions and I can say that it is one of the most important things in today’s games. I teach my students to develop GTO ranges and then adapt these ranges to different opponents. This is much easier pre-flop then post flop, but still very useful information to learn and implement while playing. That was where I struggled a lot when I began playing since some poker coaches that I had, was not able to explain what should be starting point and how we need to adapt versus different opponents.

That is why I worked very hard to find out how to learn and teach it in the most efficient way. So now, I have proven results of my students that my poker learning and playing system really works and I am very happy to see new students constantly moving up and starting winning more and more. I do feel that getting poker coaching from me will help you to improve your game a lot and most importantly, you will learn how to improve by yourself after coaching!

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