Syed Shaheer Aziz

Renewable Energy Developer and Solar Educator

After three years of completing engineering school @ the University of Toronto (UofT), I interned at Research in Motion in Waterloo, On. There I quickly learned that those who love their career's and are truly happy are those who have found what they love to do. After completing my internship I went back to UofT to complete my engineer degree with a drive to find what I love to do and to make an impact in the world. I took a renewable energy course called Alternative Energy Systems by Professor James Wallace and made it mission to increase the total amount of solar deployment across the world. 

That was really the start, I learned everything I could about solar photovoltaic and wind energy and then started a full time career at Solar Power Network. There I learned the in's and out's of how a solar developer operates, and how to engineer, and build a solar site. I gained technical experience by engineering sites my self (also with the help of very experienced solar designer), and then gained financial and business model experience by helping my CEO & CFO create financial models for purchasing and selling solar assets. I have my professional engineering license in the province of Ontario, Canada and have the ability to review and build sites across the world. I am thankful for my team and leadership at Solar Power Network where I gained vast experience and increased the total global solar voltaic uptake by 80+MW. 

Total MW Built & Managed - 10 MW+

Total MW Designed & Reviewed - 40 MW+

Total MW Business Model Review - 80MW+

I have also completed my masters of engineering from the University of Toronto and launched a mobile energy application that won several awards across Canada and the United States. 

If you take my courses, I promise to help you learn everything you need to know about renewable energy, so that you can succeed @ your career and help increase the total amount of renewable energy deployment across the world!

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