Sveti Williams

The Sleepologist

Born in a small village in the poorest country of Europe Sveti spent most of her childhood being around her grandmother and great grandmother, gathering the produce of Nature – medicinal herbs and stick, nuts, berries, fruit, and vegetables. She observed her great grandmother preparing herbal tinctures, remedies, and teas to cure ailments. These experiences instilled in her the understanding that the most effective treatments available to us come from natural, traditional sources. 

Sveti became a health care practitioner and developed a deep interest in Sleep. Being troubled by years of poor sleep herself and suffering in her health as a result, “Fixing” her own sleep became the central focus of Sveti’s career and she began to see the bigger picture of society’s sleep problem. She has made it her mission to educate people globally about the importance of sleep, the risks involved in poor sleeping patterns and supporting people with sleep problems. Her expertise is to help people to enjoy a good night’s sleep, which is so fundamental to health, wellbeing, and longevity. 

Sveti continues to draw inspiration from her childhood introduction to natural medicines and bases her unique sleep-enhancing method on complimentary and holistic practices.

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