Stephen DeStefano

IOS Developer

My name is Steve DeStefano, I am an IOS developer and have been programming in IOS and creating apps for numerous years. I continue to stay current and grow with Apple as technology continues to evolve. Ive worked with top programmers in the field, and offer a unique way of teaching IOS programming. My goal here is to create video instruction that makes it easy for anyone with a desire to learn how to code, create beautiful apps with Apple's new language, called swift. I incorporate the use of diagrams and graphics, which help to highlight the material being presented, and make it easier to retain that knowledge. And then you can apply your new knowledge into creating some pretty amazing apps. If your thinking that this might be too difficult, think again, and then come code along with me and see how easy it is to learn swift, and app building.... Go from a newbie, to having your own creations in the App Store, and in the hands of thousands of people.

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