My name is Steve DeStefano, an iOS / macOS developer / instructor, and together with Paul Hudson, the award winning Swift programmer, we've taken our passion for coding and building apps, and put together a series of comprehensive instructional courses, that will guide you through the process of creating apps in iOS and macOS. The course is continuously updated as the Swift language continues to evolve, so you can always be sure your getting the latest and most up to date code. I've worked with top programmers in the field, and offer a unique way of teaching IOS / macOS programming, which is to present the material in a concise and thoroughly explained manner, with the help of callouts and highlighting, all to make it easy to follow the path of the code. If your think this might be too difficult, think again, and then come code along with me, and see how easy it is to learn swift and iOS app creation, and macOS desktop app building. Go from a newbie to an Apple developer in a short amount of time, and see your own unique creations in the iOS App Store, or in the macOS App Sore, and in the hands of thousands of people. 

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