Stephanie Marsh

Internet Marketing Consultant

Who Am I? My name is Stephanie. I am married to the most wonderful husband that ever existed and I have the cutest puppy in the world (Although she doesn’t know she’s a dog. She is pretty convinced she is ruler of the world and can give everyone kisses.) I grew up in Caldwell, NJ. However my father was from Southern Italy. About 4 years ago, I came to his home town on vacation and just kind of never left. I fell in love with this little town and decided to make it my home. Then I met my husband and that’s pretty much the end of that story. What do I do? I help small business owners create and implement internet marketing strategies. It takes daily work and monitoring and interacting and updating and planning and creating. But in the end I’m proud to see when their email lists are growing and their Alexa ratings have been boosted. How do I do it? With a little bit of everything. There is blogging, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, directories, forums, podcasts, WordPress websites, billing, invoicing, research, graphics, e-books, e-courses, landing pages, conversions, ads, and all that other fun stuff you hear about.