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Mindfulness Coaches

The Spark Exchange Advisory is a specialized team of entrepreneurs, each with more than 20 years of experience as leaders in sales & marketing, executive management, publicity and corporate coaching. Having worked for fortune 500 companies such as NCR, DEC and Honeywell, as well as owning and operating several successful franchises, the Spark Exchange team excels in the technology, hospitality, publishing, media, education, travel & tourism, metaphysical and fitness industries.

Our team is comprised of business professionals who seek to help clients understand the energy surrounding their business and career. By bringing more mindfulness into the workplace, an organization can experience higher productivity, better collaboration, and a more efficient work environment. We help corporations by providing tools for integrating the use of mindfulness into everyday decision making for more successful outcomes, and to gain greater knowledge about the inner workings of their business.

The tools we provide include online courses, workshops, corporate retreats and individual and corporate coaching; all of which combine mindfulness resources and experience to provide our clients clear insight (“sparks”), so that clients can make better, more informed decisions. The ultimate goal is that clients use this training in order to successfully apply it to all aspects of their business.

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