Mr. Oparach Kung Ming

Graphic Designer

I am 21 years old, I’ve been a freelance for 2 years as a Web Designer and Graphic Designer with more than 100’s of projects using Adobe Photoshop in the field of designing.

Freelancer is my part time job, I’m not only working but also studying as I’m taking my Electronics and Communication Engineering Degree.

I’ve been using computer for since I was 15 years old, have a lot of knowledge with computer, even though I like Designing, I have a lot of skill aside from Photoshop, such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Primer Pro, I also do programming. I’m also have been in the Field of internet Marketing for more than 6 months, and I found UDEMY, which is a great learning platform, and I have opportunity to produce and share my knowledge and experience. 

I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience you guys. If you want to learn more about Designing, Programming, and make money online, then I am your choice. 

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