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We are a boutique training firm that matches great speakers and trainers with great organizations and learners. We develop learning experiences that are fun, relevant, based on ground-breaking scientific research, and direct--no fluff, no fillers, just what learners need.

Here's why our courses are the best you'll find:

  1. We are fun! We use stories and humor to engage audiences and increase retention.
  2. Our presenters are high-caliber professional trainers with 15+ years experience and graduate studies in business, education, communication, and instructional design. 
  3. No fluff, no fillers. Only practical knowledge to develop your skills and start seeing immediate results

About Sofia Santiago, MBA, PMP

Director, Business Development (The introvert one)

  • Sofia has 25+ years experience as a bilingual speaker, international trainer, entrepreneur, training firm CEO, business consultant, and VIP coach.
  • She is a former university professor of economics and finances at the masters level, and a sales trainer for financial advisors.
  • Sofia holds a B.S. is in computer science and cybernetics engineering, a certificate in human resources, and an MBA. She is PMI certified as a Project Management Specialist (PMP) and Microsoft Certified as an Office Expert
  • She is currently pursuing graduate degrees in intercultural communication (U. Pacific) and in instructional design (U. Wisconsin).

About Dr. Susan Harrison

Director, Client Relations (The extrovert one. Oh, you'll see!)

  • Susan began her career as a speaker and trainer in 1994. 
  • Her bachelor degree is in communication, her graduate degree is in Christian education, and her doctorate is in educational ministry. 
  • She has trained thousands of learners all over the country and in Europe to develop business and life skills.
  • Susan is an adjunct professor for Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • She does private tutoring for those who want to enhance their professional speaking skills.

Sofia and Dr. Susan are co-authors of the Amazon best-selling award-winning book Difficult Conversations Just for Women: Kill the Anxiety. Get What You Want. 

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