Sivile Mbekeni

Fleet Specialist

About Us?

Quantum Fleet Solutions is a reputable, cutting edge and dynamic Fleet Management company specializing in providing customized hand and glove Fleet Solutions to our clients. Our approach involves a lot of face to face interaction with our clients who are mostly Fleet owners and employed professionals. We do this by providing quality training on broad Fleet Management subject matters facing most Fleet environments today. 

Our Expertise?

As subject matter experts and specialists we focus on turn around strategies through proven techniques and technology interventions in Total Fleet Cost Management and Fleet Risk Management for our clients. Sivile Mbekeni who is the Director has expensive experience which spans over more than 20 years in all facets of Fleet Management.

Our Mission?

We aim to continue providing superior and quality Fleet Management training globally on a broad range of topics and give our clients (students) an opportunity to learn, understand and adapt to the ever changing Fleet Industry.

The information we present is based on world proven Fleet Management scientific techniques and concepts that are universal across all continents and the step by step detailed approach is meant to assist our student improve their skills and save money.

Get in Touch?

Should you have any questions on the subject as a student, kindly post your questions.  Answers will be provided in the most detail within the next 24 hours. 

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