Sigita Staisiunaite

Medical Professional. Massage Expert - Therapist - Instruct

Medical Professional. Massage Expert, Therapist and Instructor. Certified Health Coach. Cosmetics. Writer.

I have been working in the field of massage for 20 years already.I have learned and researched over 10 massage techniques.

I'm done and I finished my master's scientific work: ,,Life quality changes of patients with lumbosacral pain while applying remedial massage“.

I'm the author of the books ,,Facial Gymnastics“.,,Yourself massage guide “.

International Classification of masseurs - expert (internship in Germany, Poland, UK ).

Yumeiho therapy (Japanese massage specialist internship in Japan, I studied with Prof. Saionji Masayuki).

Master in Clinical Nursing Science. International Classification of cosmetics. Healthy lifestyle teacher-trainer. Public institutions BODY CARE CENTRE founder (Lithuania) - Director of the. Self employed company in England (London) owner.

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