Siggy Works

Javascript Developer/SVG Enthusiast/Cartoonist

Short Version

Siggy, as friends and enemies call him, is a FullStack JavaScript Developer with over 15 years of web development experience. At work he also happens to be the developer who can also draw, so inevitably always gets handed the dry-erase marker during design sessions.

The Whole Nine

Siggy was born many moons ago as an artist, got in trouble for drawing cartoons in class, compensated by taking way too many math classes, then somehow managed to shoe-horn a computer science degree in between marathon sessions of black-jack. Then he discovered Flash, fell in love with Flash, made lots of noise and cash with Flash (apparently ad agencies love[d] it), got bored, read Bruce Mau's Incomplete Manifesto, wandered the earth like Kane for a few years while attempting to grow a beard. Shaved. Mourned the death of his dearly beloved Flash. Learned who the hell Douglas Crockford was and marveled at his kung-fu. Contemplated deeply. Very deeply. Swallowed his pride and embraced the long-scorned web maiden that is JavaScript! ...but kept his sketchbook close by.

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