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Sid Smith was the Vice President of the Business Breakthroughs International, website division. As a top producer working with Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, Jay Abraham and Eben Pagan - consistently in the top 1% in sales. Sid had to re-learn the art of sales from face to face sales in corporate america to closing deals over the phone. Selling over the phone requires a different skill set, especially when dealing with CEO's over the phone and asking for their credit card at the 45 min. mark. Through perfecting this art, he became a top producer selling the largest deals BBI had to offer consistently with integrity.

Donald Stojack - has been a consistent leader since his early entrepreneurial adventures as a young man. A Top Producing Sales Professional - he has done it, done it over and over again, and is still doing it today. Sought out as both a sales leader and mentor - he has pioneered and perfected projects with Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, Jay Abraham, Eben Pagan and others. With decades of experience - Donald is an expert in the art of selling over the phone and using current sciene & technology as leverage in the process.

At Sell Better Faster Smarter we are some of the global leaders in business - our depth of experience spans multiple continents, achieving outstanding results for their clients.

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