Sheila Makena

Push Factor Founder & Specialist!

I'd like to introduce myself to you. My name is Sheila Makena, a dedicated enthusiast and student of habit and behavioural change who sees the greater need to enlighten us all that true happiness and fulfillment comes from living for a purpose that is greater than ourselves. I am the very first Push Factor specialist on earth, who can help you identify and use your push factor to create your ultimate self!

I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Information Science, majoring in Psychology, having always had a fascination with human behaviour. I also majored in Business Management.

I overcame a dark phase of depression, which culminated in planning a suicide attempt. It was my belief in the fact that I had to live my life for others and not just for myself, that led me out of my phase of depression.

Now fully inspired to help others, I have fully realized my gift for understanding people's highest desires to do and become more in their lives but not having the right tools to attain these desires.

As a strong believer in the potential for others to turn their lives around through changing undesired behaviours and having a strong, passionate vision, I created Push Factor to provide the most comprehensive information and the necessary tools for anyone who wants to change the way they lead their lives to do just that.

I also believe that the choice to be happy and the choice to be totally miserable are available to us in equal proportions, and that the decision to lead a happier and more fulfilling life is not just a daily choice, it is a choice we make every second, every minute and every hour of our day. It takes practice, and this is what I want to teach in all my courses.

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