Shawn Hymel

Engineering Superhero

Shawn is an Electrical Engineer working for SparkFun Electronics making the next generation of open source tools. He is currently a member of the Marketing and Communications (MarComm) team to showcase new products, build interesting projects, and create online videos that teach people about electronics.

Growing up with LEGO®, 300-in-1 electronic kits, and a general interest in math and science, studying engineering was an obvious choice. Shawn received a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Engineering from Rose-Hulman and a Master of Science (MS) in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Upon joining the SparkFun Engineering team in 2013, Shawn helped developed several products, including the CC3000 Shield, the APDS-9960 Gesture Sensor, and the mbed Starter Kit. After a couple of years, he switched teams to MarComm to become a Creative Engineer and can be found making videos and projects for SparkFun’s site and YouTube channel.

Shawn is an advocate for enriching current education through STEM, both inside and outside the classroom, and he believes that the best marketing comes from teaching. He can be found giving talks, running workshops, and swing dancing in his free time.

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