Shaun Leonard

UNLV Professor, TEDx Speaker, Screenwriter, Cake eater.

Shaun Leonard -- Poet, Screenwriter, Professor.

I grew up in Galway, Ireland, right next to the country that invented the language we're both using right now. I studied Creative Writing, English Lit., and Philosophy in my undergraduate degree and then moved to Las Vegas to undertake a 3-year Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing. I have written plays and poems that I've performed on two continents. As a poetry Grand Slam champion, an award-winning screenwriter and playwright, and a film and television critic, I am anything but shy.

I took this loquacious confidence across the Atlantic Ocean to America, where I've spent the past years studying, tutoring, and teaching others writing. I've taught basic composition classes as well as specialized creative writing modules. I have logged countless hours as a writing center consultant. I've participated and led dozens of writing workshops where authors are provided insightful feedback as they continue the process of pitching, creating, and drafting the stories that matter most to them. Even though the mediums of expression may change, the main focus of my instruction is always the same. I strive to teach others to communicate better by expressing themselves more effectively, and understanding others more fully.

I am a member of Mensa and a member of Team Las Vegas, a group dedicated to programming and producing community building events in Las Vegas, NV. Our end goal is to put on Las Vegas' first citywide TEDx event. As a former TEDx speaker I know how important it is to be able to shape a message and send it out into the world. I am an instructor, and I'm here to help.

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