Sharon Smith

Instructor and Creator

I have been reading Tarot for over 35 years. In my childhood home we were always reading playing cards, tea leaves or a myriad of other things. I don't think I was aware as a child that other people didn't just do this, I have learned since that I was mistaken.

I always have thought of tarot, medium ship, astrology, numerology, crystals and many other 'new age' things as just being part of me. I even went to college and became a computer programmer, not realizing that other people thought you can't do logical (normal things) if you are involved in something they can't explain.

I hope to teach my students to read the tarot but most of all to follow their intuition when it comes to reading the cards. The cards can be taught, I have confidence in each and every one of you and believe you can do it.

The bonus is a profitable little home-based business that you can take with you anywhere.

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