Sharm Siva

Personal Transformation Author

My Purpose and Passion

Through my own journey of personal transformation, I have learnt that the best life is one lived with genuine happiness. Dancing to someone else's tune to make them happy, or doing things for short-term gains are ok, but nothing close to the magnificent life one can be living and enjoying if the main purpose is happiness. Ever since that major learning, I have dedicated my life to wanting to share this to as many people as possible. 

The Message

No one can possibly know more about us than ourselves. This is a very important message, because when we believe that people external to us must know more about us than even we do, what will result is a confusing, painful life, where decisions and choices are made for the wrong reasons. Believe that the only voice that does matter in charting the course of our life - is ours. It's time to let our inner voice be heard and the external noise and drama to be silenced. And witness all desires find themselves to you.

About Me

I am a Personal Transformation author and teacher and a Law of Attraction coach, currently based in Melbourne Australia. I am very happy with myself and with life right now, and can genuinely say that I am in love with life. This realisation came to me after decades of living a limiting and damaging life of pain, anger, guilt, fear and depression. But I got out of it through my learnings, and I would like to share them with you, in hopes that they will help you in any way you need, at any time in your life.

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You can contact me at or anytime, with course enquiries or just to share your experiences.

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