ShaoWei Teo

Mathematician, Julia Programming instructor

Hi there! I'm ShaoWei. a mathematician living in the beautiful garden city Singapore. I graduated from National University of Singapore as the top student for B.Sc (Honours) in Pure Mathematics. I have 10 years of experience in programming, and I have been with Julia programming language since it went public in 2012.

From my various experience, I am well-positioned to introduce you to the world of programming. I am neither intelligent nor smart, but I do have good learning habits. The techniques and habits I will introduce in this course will be immensely useful to you, and they are well within your capability to master. Learning with me is more effective than the education you can get from school or elsewhere!

Why is that so? Here's a little bit more about myself...

I brushed against programming numerous times throughout my growing up years. When I was young, people with programming knowledge advised me against taking up programming, saying that it is a "crazy troubleshooting work" that "only talented people can do", and that it is not worth the fun it may provide. It is only in the first year of my University education when I finally "took a bold plunge" and signed up for a C programming module. Man, was I sold!! It was totally fun, without much of the troubles that was rumoured to occur. I came out top in that module in the end, despite studying with peers who have much prior experience in programming! I came to realized that it is because I have good techniques and habits when it comes to handling logical subjects, that I honed back when I was working hard for the International Mathematical Olympiad. These are things that everyone can cultivate, yet many people do not, due to other conflicting bad habits or beliefs they may have.

When you study with me, we will break your bad habits, and instill new paradigms that will help you excel. You will suddenly realized that you seems to do better than others with more years of experience than you! Even if you start programming when you are older, like me.

After university, I continue to learn programming myself. I went on to work as a cryptologist, where I learned to code high-performance algorithms that require deep mathematical understanding. After that, I came out and do a financial start-up, where I have the chance to do coding in financial mathematics, data science, and statistics. Also, as someone who believe that the current "4-language divide" of web development is obsolete, I am always searching for new ways to create web application. In my courses, you will see me introducing web apps that are coded in Julia! How cool is that?

As I did self-learning in a variety of programming concepts, I am well-positioned to help you do your self-learning, and to work on your aspirations as a programmer.

I also do in-person programming coaching in Singapore, with good reviews. You may check out my instructor page on Learnemy, a Singapore platform for coaching service.

Well, words are words. Each of my course has a 30-day money back guarantee. Sign up for the course and let me help you for 30 days. If you don't find the course useful, ask for a refund, you deserve to get your money back. But I believe you will be convinced to stay. Game on? =)

See you then!

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