Shahrukh Shahid Hussain

Head of Learning & Development at Lucky Cement Ltd

He is currently the Head of Learning and Development at Lucky Cement Ltd (LCL). It is one of the biggest cement manufacturing companies in Pakistan, It is also part of the Younus Brothers Group (YBG), the second biggest business group in Pakistan. My role involves managing, creating and conducting learning sessions for LCL all over the country.

In the past,he has been part of an organizational development company called Navitus (Pvt) Ltd. There, his role progressed from an apprentice to relationship manager to head of central marketing in Lahore, along with that he went from cofacilitating with lead facilitators to becoming a lead facilitator himself for local and multinational clients. He has conducted workshops on attitude, communication, teamwork, time management, stress handling, supervisory skills, pursuing success & excellence, understanding values, developing goals & competencies and train the trainer.

He has done his Masters in Business Administration in Marketing & Human Resources from Bahria University, Karachi & He is also a certified trainer from Navitus and has attended many soft skills workshops in Pakistan and abroad.

His vision in life is to assist individuals & organizations move onto the path of growth and greatness. He believes that Organizations of today should have the attitude to develop individuals to pursue ‘excellence’ making their lives more meaningful and adaptive to change. He insists that a structured approach to achieve this vision is possible and he will do this in every shape and form he can. 

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