Seungjae Kang

Representative teacher of Langster Co., Ltd.

< Langster Co., Ltd.>

- Langster is a language teaching company, located in Korea.
- We make Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Russian languages' video and many teachers are contracted to produce lectures on language education.

< Korean language teacher, Jenny Lee,  profile>

- We are delivering video courses that are produced around the world.
- Study for M.A in ‘Teaching Korean as a second language' at Hankook University of Foreign Studies
- Complete ‘Korean Language Teachers Training Program for Foreigners’ at Seoul National University.
-B.A in English literature & Journalism from Handong Global University.
Now, I AM
- A representative of Jenny’s English & Korean
- Making Korean online lessons at Roidus company
- Teaching foreign employees at Kyobo-AXA company
- Language educator of Korean Language & Culture center
- English & Korean language educator for international marriage migrate women at Pohang women’s organization.  
-A lot of volunteer work related to Korean language education.

< Chinese language teacher, Xiaoqian Cheon  ,  profile>
Graduated Yonsei University in Seoul
- Undergraduate School in the Department of Liberal Art, majoring in English Literature  
- Complete Advanced level of English language Institute  
- University of British Columbia, Canada SMU TESOL program  
- Hyundai-Motors Company Yangjae-dong, Seoul  : Overseas sales Dept.
- Chunag-ang Univ. Summer English Camp  : An English teacher

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