Sean O'Connor

Experienced Salesman and Sales Coach

Taking a look at me, I'm sure anyone would assume I'm young. In fact, probably too young to be teaching anyone in business how to do sell and negotiate. However, I wholeheartedly disagree with these ostensible statements.

My interest in business developed from growing up around my grandfather, James B. Farley, the former chairman of Booz Allen and Hamilton, and my father, a successful executive and entrepreneur. Being around their conversations of the inner workings of big businesses sparked a curiosity inside of me, one I was eager to explore.

At age 16, while my peers were flipping hamburgers, I knew I wanted to develop life skills at a real job. Through networking, I found a job at a telemarketing company. Immediately, I showed a strong willpower to develop effective persuasion and communication skill and what began as curiosity for business quickly turned into a passion. As a salesman representing auto dealerships, my manager and I were responsible for bringing more traffic and business into dealerships. By making thousands of phone calls, pitching promotions, and scheduling appointments, we began to exceed. I invested almost all of my free time bolstering my skills and reading sales books. Within six months, we took the telemarketing business, formerly representing one dealership for $5,000 per month, to representing ten dealerships for $50,000 per month. In that time, I gave a dying business a new life, and I proved to myself and my clients that I was able to continually improve my skills, sell an idea, and help substantially develop a business, even at a young age.

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