Be A Video Pro

Guaranteed Video Marketing and Video Creation Specialist

As Guaranteed Video Marketers We believe Video Marketing is the single most effective way to capture, engage, entertain and inform your prospects and audiences. 

We believe in bite size video training so you can learn easily. Our videos run from 12 seconds to the longest 4:13. No need to watch hours of videos to learn one skill you need.

It's fun when you know how to create videos to market yours or your clients' product, service or message

Creating fun, Entertaining, Informative and Engaging Videos can add More Views, More Shares, More Likes, More Buyers and More $$$$

The techniques we teach we use every day to create videos four our own clients and prospects and products, services and messages

We believe training should be simple, easy to follow real world and not filled with extra fluff. 

In our course you'll get marketing insights, video creation strategies, how to's, step-by -step, indepth training we've developed over 37 years as Internet, Website, Social Media, Branding, Marketing, Digital eCommerce and now...Video Creation and Marketing specialists. 

We've helped small businesses and large companies like Marriott, Walt Disney World, Hyatt, Pepsico, Frito Lay, The US Military and hundreds of other businesses to bring in more customers, increase their sales and profits and create loyal repeat buyers....

Our teaching style is to guide you step-by-step, through the subject matter as you look over my shoulder, in the training and we provide you with all the assets, actors, videos, images, in the training so you can duplicate exactly what and how we show you, we teach like you were sitting next to me or on Skype. 

You'll also get direct access through the discussion area of each section of the course so any challenges or questions you have can be resolved

We're very open to feedback and want to improve our courses always. feel free to feed ideas for lectures or other courses

For the past 37 years we've worked with companies helping them grown their brand through proven on and offline strategies. 

We believe in shortening the learning curve and creating easier faster more efficient ways to learn and create videos

You don't need to be an experienced video creation genius. You don't need any other programs, everything even scripts, cheat sheets, outlines and assets are provided in this complete comprehensive training.

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