Saksham Choudhary

CEO at Flipbell IT Studio


Flipbell is a leading company producing top class lectures for people hungry for technical knowledge. We’re out here now producing lectures for our excellent audience after an almost 7 year real time experience of project handling. Flipbell is a name well known across countries. We’ve been doing projects given to us by leading industries of almost 12 countries since past 7 years. The courses offered by Flipbell have been recorded by very intellectual professionals of the IT industry. Our library will always be under construction because we will always keep working on newer and better courses for our very cooperative and wonderful audience.

How is Flipbell different from other teaching studios?

We promise you outstanding information and knowledge. Very useful technical knowledge beyond the course you choose to study with us. So this gears you up with out of the box thinking skills. What you gain from our courses is beyond what you can think of ‘right now (before doing the courses)’. The teaching environment provided by Flipbell is very interactive and fun to learn, with everything explained with funny examples to get a better understanding of the subject at hand.

We believe that within knowledge lies power. Power to change a lot of things around us. We believe in giving out our best to the young intellects who take up these courses so that the knowledge of these experienced teachers keeps passing on and the younger intellectuals keep adding to it.

There are no pre-requisites required for our courses other than your keen curiosity to learn and gain and prove to the world what you are worth. Anybody with the basic knowledge of computers can watch and learn from these lectures. The best thing about online lectures is that you can never miss out on what the lecture wants to deliver, you can replay it as many times as you wish to and learn. E-mail us with any queries you want to clear out and we’ll be the happiest to help you out.

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