Rupali Rajhans

Entrepreneur, Successful Small Business Owner, Technology Product Manager

  • ** About Me In Thirty Seconds:**
  • - I am an entrepreneur, successful small business owner and a technology product manager.
  • - I have incubated multiple businesses in Silicon Valley and Europe
  • - I know how to make small and home businesses successful

  • I am a technology product manager with more than 15 years of experience in the software products and services space. Over the course of my professional career, I have worked with some of the largest successful companies in the world including eBay, Symantec and MetLife.

  • I've also been a project, program and portfolio manager in some of my other professional roles managing large multi-million dollar portfolios and small business ventures alike.

  • As a product manager, I've helped incubate fledgling business ventures in Silicon Valley and Europe and made them successful and profitable. As a program manager, I've ensured that the project teams stay focused and that the projects stay on track, meet their milestones and deliver their objectives.

  • ** I now own three home businesses and am a full-time home business entrepreneur. I love what I do - and am happy about the career choices that have got me here. Teaching and helping others achieve home business success is my passion.**

  • That said, I therefore understand the two key aspects of running a successful business very well. Making more money. And making the most of your work time. This is what I teach prospective home business owners and entrepreneurs.

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