Ross Quintana

Marketing Strategist, Real Estate Expert, Consultant, Ninja

"A Collector of Expertise", I am a strategist and marketing expert. I have mastered many fields in my career so far and continue to explore new ones. This gives me a unique perspective and wide range of skills and talents.

My background spans strategy, innovation, consulting, marketing, real estate, management, social media, design, business development, project management, logistics, lead generation, sales, cost controls, data analysis, and writing, I strive for renaissance.

I have worked in startups, business consulting, tech, advertising, real estate, training, coaching, writing, freelance, retail, restaurant, fitness, and sales.

Personality Profile: ENTP (the Visionary), DISC
Linkedin Connections: 2900+
IQ: 138
Klout: 65
Twitter: 124,031 Followers
Google+: 12,366 circles 154,457 Views
Youtube: 158,212
Triberr: Top 25 with 121,954,070 reach

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