Ross Blankenship

Investing Expert, 3x Entrepreneur & 6x Bestselling Author

Ross Blankenship ("The Investing King") is a top-ranked investor and expert angel investor in many of America's hottest, fastest-growing companies. Ross Blankenship is an investing expert and author on topics such as short-term trading and long-term investing fundamentals that can grow investment portfolios.

Ross Blankenship is a leading media expert on investing, trading stocks and how to make money. Blankenship advises television, newspaper and online broadcasts on topics such as investing and finance for consumers. Blankenship's financial advice is backed with a deep quantitative and analytical approach, combined with previous experience as a 3x entrepreneur and 6x bestselling author on investing and stocks. 

Ross Blankenship is the Founding Partner and CEO at Angel Kings, a private equity and venture capital ("VC") firm focused on VC for early-stage startups raising capital. Angel Kings provides angel investor and venture capitalists the opportunity to invest in America's top startups.

His bestselling book on venture capital and angel investing was released a few months ago. Kings Over Aces has been called, "the best books on startups and investing." Blankenship's other top-selling book is on cybersecurity is titled, Cyber Nation. The book explores the importance of using private and public enterprises to defeat cyber attacks against America.

Ross Blankenship attended Cornell University (B.A.), Washington University School of Law (J.D.) and took advanced studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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