Ronnie McBride

Visual Designer / Instructor

I am a freelance visual designer with 15+ years of experience working in the design industry.

After graduating with a degree in industrial design, I began my career working for a branding agency in New York City as a web designer. While there, I had the pleasure of working with very talented graphic designers and illustrators who taught me how important it is to tell a good story through pictures and graphics. After learning a great deal about the role of design in business, I created Mixmediasalad Design.

I am an Award-winning designer/artist whose work has been recognized on a local and national level. I have worked for the Last 15 years as an illustrator, graphic designer, photographer/videographer, web designer and art director for major brands and small companies alike. I have alway had a hunger, love, and passion for design and huge respect for the creative arts. I love to share and teach people as much as I love learning new things.

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