R.M Gonzalez


I'm a multimedia developer located in Canada; my skills cover a broad range of disciplines, web development, animation, game development, video production, graphic design and sound production.

I seem to be living two lives, in one life I am RM Gonzalez, part-time college instructor. I teach Graphic Arts and Web Development, I have a family with 2 kids, a beautiful wife, I pay my taxes and I help out older ladies to cross the road.

The other life is lived in computers, where I go by the hacker alias Sparckman, and I'm personally responsible for spawning entire race of FNAF clones in game jolt. I taught millions of regular people just like you to create "Five nights at freddy's" clones. After people saw my "how to make a FNAF clone" tutorials on my Youtube channel, FNAF clones begun to pop everywhere, it was so bad, at one point game jolt had to create a special section just for FNAF clones. mybad.

Fearing my Youtube channel had become a FNAF hub, I disabled the videos. My channel is now a game development channel. Where you can find everything you need to start making games. This course is an extension that channel.

The Amazing Sparckman

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