Roger K. Allen

Author, Consultant, Speaker, & Father

Roger K. Allen, PhD, co-founded and served as President of the Human Development Institute from 1981 to 1990 and provided thousands of hours of individual, marriage and family counseling to a diverse client population for the next ten years. In addition to coordinating the work of other professionals, he created and taught programs in personal and family development (including parenting) which have been taught dozens of times in several cities around the country. Dr. Allen also co-founded the Center for Organizational Design in which he's worked with leaders of many Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T Capital, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Honeywell, Proctor & Gamble, Hewlett Packard, and Coach Leatherware to help leaders define their vision and create a high performance workplace in which each employee is a contributing partner in the business. Dr. Allen has certified over 800 trainers and consultants from around the world to use his programs. His training in both leadership and personal/family development has been acclaimed as among the most most influential learning experiences available anywhere.

"In my career as a specialist providing treatment to adolescents and their families, I have seen many parenting theories, models and books but nothing which rises to the stature of this work by Dr. Allen." Michael E. Berrett, Ph.D., Psychologist, nationally known clinical teacher, and CEO of Center for Change

“You have done a masterful job and your work will be a great blessing to thousands of parents."Dr. Dennis Deaton, Award-winning Author: Ownership Spirit and Co-founder of Quma Learning Systems

Roger Allen takes a difficult subject that is close to our hearts, and in an engaging manner, inspires us to become better parents and grandparents." Hyrum Smith, Co-Founder FranklinCovey

“The results have been amazing." Janis Blake, mother, grandmother, and former school teacher

“My absolute favorite 'go -to' parenting resource. Keri Krout,Mother of 7, parent coach, early childhood educator

"The preparation, teaching and writing that Roger Allen has done has changed more lives than you and I can imagine. Literally thousands of professionals are exposed each year to his material and the ripple effect has changed people's lives, made work easy, faster and better. Almost weekly I get rave reviews on his material. I cannot say enough about this man and his writings. I have purchased cases of his books and material to share with others. Call me or write me if you desire further insights on his work." March 26, 2009, Jim Ullery, President, Center for Organizational Energy

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