Rod Warren

Money Coach at Udemy

Rod Warren is elected by many as one of the youngest nation’s top Business & Financial Expert and has been recognized as "Hollywood's #1 Money Coach. He is President and CEO of his own Personal & Business Development Company, Warren Global LLC. 

Over the past 10 years, Rod Warren has been passionately empowering entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals to successfully grow their businesses and careers. Rod helps these professionals to think a new thought and get a new idea which will ultimately transform their life, business and achieve extraordinary results in a short period of time.

Having a stellar background and experience in numerous industries ranging from the time he served in the United States Navy to managing billion dollar payrolls for several Fortune 500 corporations such as Citigroup, and also for two of the largest video gaming companies in the world Sega Entertainment and Activision/Blizzard. This combined knowledge has now allowed Rod to train and consult other entrepreneurs in the areas of business development, marketing, operations and financial planning.

Being personally mentored and groomed by past and present multi-millionaires and corporate executives, Rod has studied the patterns of their success which now gives him the ability and authority to teach, consult and share what he has learned from the Top 1% of today's wealthiest business leaders.

As a highly sought after entrepreneur coach, Rod has now commited his life to sharing his business strategies and success principals to the next generation of thought leaders, and business professionals world wide .

Rod is also a Published Author, Real Estate Investor, Motivational Speaker, and a Licensed Christian Minister who also holds a Bachelor’s degree from Baylor University in Computer Information Systems . Rod served his great country for 4 years aboard The U.S.S. Ramage DDG-61 stationed in Norfolk, Virginia.

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