Rod Warren “The Common Sense Money Manager” is elected by many as one of the youngest nation's top Business & Financial Expert and has been recognized as "Hollywood's #1 Money Coach.

He is President and CEO of his own Personal & Business Development Company, Warren Global LLC. Rod is also a Published Author, Real Estate Investor, Motivational Speaker, and a Licensed Christian Minister.

Rod's sole purpose in life is to see others achieve true financial freedom that radically impacts their lives, purpose, giving and relationships.

It has not always been peaches and cream for this young man of vision. He knows first-hand what it is like to drink from the cup of financial bondage. By the tender age of twenty-five he had earned well over a half-million dollars, just to see it all go down the drain due to mismanagement and financial dysfunction.

Rod has since re-established his financial foundation, and has dedicated himself to the call of helping others around the world climb out of the financial hole. He desires to teach others how to become what he calls, a 'Financial Super Star!'

Rod is the creator of the, Release Your Dream, War On Debt Movement, and The Night of Freedom LIVE Events, which were all designed to empower people to live a debt-free and purposeful life.

In the last few years Rod has taken a special interest in working with churches and assisting them with business related issues. Through his consulting firm; Warren Global Financial Services he works directly with Pastors and Church Leaders to devise capital stewardship campaigns, as well as business and financial strategies relating to diversity, philanthropy, and community outreach.

After completing 4 years in the United States Navy, Rod earned a Bachelor's Degree from Baylor University in Waco,Texas . He now travels the country speaking at live conferences and large scale events, teaching and empowering others on topics ranging from Debt Release,Entrepreneurship, Kingdom Building to Financial Planning & Management.

Rod's heart-felt presentations challenges you to tap into the awesome power within that will change not only your finances but also your life!

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