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My name is randerson112358, I am a Programmer Analyst at Siemens AG, and a graduate of the University of Central Florida. I got my bachelors of science degree in Computer Science and am currently taking master courses in computer science with a speciality in cloud computing. I have worked at Siemens in the IT department for almost 3 years now, and have learned so much about the business and IT. With my experience at Siemens I have created my own website where I thought I would share information on computer science topics to students for free,and all in one place. At the same time I was able to improve my web programming skills. I have made videos on mathematics and programming online.

I enjoy playing basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, biking, making videos and exercising in general. I watch allot of videos on mathematics, physics, and technology for leisure time. I would like to travel around the world someday soon. Programming allows me to create my own world using my own rules. Usually if I am not at work or at the gym I am helping friends and family to program. My future plans are to create an android game for fun, have my masters degree in computer science, making tutorial videos at home, and spend more time with friends and family.

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