Robert Kintigh


My name is Robert Kintigh and I have been an entrepreneur my whole life. My story really is a humble one as I grew up poor in Southeast Los Angeles. I was very active and curious as a child and I wanted more for my life even though at the time I was lost as to how that was going to happen. I played a lot of sports and wanted to do a lot of fun things that kids do but was temporarily without funds! I began on several journeys at a young age that have shaped my life today. I began to work on ways to make money so I could do what I wanted and this led me to so many aspects of my life that needed work. Even as a child I realized that things like success, money, happiness and more would come from me becoming more, better and educated as well as passionate.

Fast forward to where I am at, I now have a great foundation not only to serve myself but also as many other people as I can reach.

I am an Entrepreneur first, an author, a professional speaker, a corporate trainer and a consultant.  For over 25+ years I have been fortunate enough to be involved with some incredible companies and have enjoyed building my own companies too. Through it all, I have continually worked on personal growth and a strategic mindset. I am happier than I have ever been as well as more productive than I have ever been.

I bring you my tips, techniques, training's, life lessons, valuable lessons and some of the best material I have learned over 34 years.

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