Robert Lunte

Founder of The Vocalist Studio

Robert Lunte is the owner and founder of The Vocalist Studio (TVS). 

TVS is an Internationally recognized voice training school for singing vocal techniques, public speaking, voice consultation and advanced vocal instruction for teachers. Robert is also the author and producer of the critically acclaimed vocal instruction training course and book, “The Four Pillars of Singing”.

A recognized expert in public speaking, vocal health and technique training, and presenting, Robert Lunte has launched an internationally acclaimed training and coaching program (practiced in 120 countries and 9 languages), written a best-selling book (10K copies sold), produced the one of the world's leading online courses for vocal training (5k students) and built an expansive online community (17K+ members). 

Robert is also the founder of The Modern Vocalist World, the #1 online resource for vocal education and networking on the internet.

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