Rick Macaulay

Successful Online Marketer for 9 years. Father of two great kids and a loving spouse. Watch for lots of new courses coming out soon!

After almost 4 years of spending every penny I had ( and even money I shouldn't be have spent) I finally found a way to make money online. What amazed me was that is was exactly as others had said, find someone successful and do what they do!

My first month I made over a thousand dollars following a simple plan online. Over the next three years I made over 80 thousand dollars while working a full time job and raising my son.

There are literally hundreds if not thousand of different methods to legitimately make money online. You just need to find a method that works for you. Another way I make money is by being an author. I presently have twenty-seven different publications under various pen names on Amazon that make a nice income to supplement my retirement check each month. I will be adding more books to my resume once I finish my next two courses I have planned for Udemy.

Balance is very important to me when it comes to family and it was difficult to make sure time was spent with my spouse and my son (daughter is grown up) while attending my online business. Time for myself was important too. Just to wind down and do nothing became a needed resource to "recharge" my batteries.

I am also spiritually proud to consider myself one "Dad's" kids and I am guided by Him constantly. If not for Him, I truly do believe I would not be alive today if not for His intervention.


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