Rhonda Sciortino

Author, speaker, radio host, and child advocate

Through my Udemy courses, media appearances, speaking, and writing, I attempt to help others succeed personally and professional not just despite what they've been through, but specifically because of it.

We each have experiences that have influenced us and helped to shape us into the people we are today. Rather than being held back by experiences that have made us feel inadequate, we can mine the lessons out of out of those ugly experiences, identify the coping mechanisms that we learned and honed to survive, and combine those things with our natural skills, talents, and abilities, to create the stepping stones to our success.

I believe this is possible because I've done it myself.

On my own at 16 after a childhood of abandonment, abuse, homelessness, and hunger, I worked hard to survive. Hard work paid off, and I bought my first house when I was 19, started my first business at 27, my second at 34, and built my businesses and real estate and investment portfolios into a multi-million dollar balance sheet.

I published my first book, From Foster Care to Millionaire, in 2008, followed by Succeed Because of What You've Been Through, The Prayer That Covers It All, Keys to Answered Prayer, YOUR REAL SUCCESS (to be released in 2015), and Turn Your Adversity Into Your Advantage (to be released 2016).

I serve as the Child Welfare Specialist for Markel Insurance Company, the Chairperson of Successful Survivors Foundation, and spokesperson for Foster Care Alumni of America. In those roles I have the opportunity to speak to people all over the United States about issues involving child abuse, foster care, engaging the community in changing the trajectory of victims of childhood abuse. I especially appreciate opportunities to speak to victims of abuse about using what they've learned in all their ugly experiences to create personal and professional success.

I look forward to hearing about YOUR success!

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