Remi Dudek

Database Analyst, Teacher, Language Scientist

Hi! I'm Remi. I like calling myself a geek and a science curious guy. I love coding and teaching other people to understand computers.

Languages are my second passion, so I call myself a language scientist. I'm learning English, French and Italian.


I ran a successful coaching company called MEMOCREO, where I teach students coding and languages. I love observing how my students are better in fields they desire and open new opportunities for them.

What experience prepared me to teach online?

I've graduated from a top economics university in Poland. I was also studying mathematics and applied electronics where I found love to coding and computers.

I have an extensive experience in databases as worked as a Database Analyst for a big company in Poland for several years. 

Productivity and life hacking

Many years of formal education and my own experiments directed me to this idea: human can learn anything but you need to find a method to make it faster and more effectively. I use many methods to improve memory and apply them with my students.

Time is the only thing we all have the same amount of. But you can have an advantage when you master the way you work to have more time for yourself, friends and family. I will be helping you in learning more effectively because your time matters for me.

I'm very happy to be your teacher and hope to become friends in that learning journey.

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